Fireside of stories

Are you searching for a distinctive party or event venue? Are you looking for a totally different setting for a memorable evening out with a group of friends or a recreational team day? Are you interested in history, myths and fantasy? In that case – welcome to Susivuori, you are clearly part of our tribe! In Ostrobothnia, near Kauhava, there is a place where ancient myths meet the present, where fantasy and history mix and reality meets both old and new stories. Here you can enjoy the thousand-year-old atmosphere and create memories – thus adding your own chapter to Susivuori’s saga.
Come and enjoy

What is Susivuori?

Susivuori is an exceptionally wonderful event and party venue. You will definitely enjoy Susivuori if your heart beats for fantasy, Finnish and Scandinavian myths, mythology and Nordic history. The unique place, the Saga of Susivuori and the spirit of the place have garnered praise from our guests. Maybe it is a touch of old magic, but for some reason you always want to come here again and the spirit of hospitality hovers over the place.
The environment is also constantly being developed and more buildings are planned. The Susivuori development association is also involved in the development – the purpose is to support, enrich and grow both idealistically and financially the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Susivuori area.


The exceptional nature surrounding Susivuori is apt to make the imagination fly. Around this highest point in the Kauhava area, 40 hectares of green forest and ancient marshes open up, in the middle of which the sounds of highways do not disturb. The pond, spring and streams, as well as the bedrock formations and stones that are as if colored by blood, bring their own atmosphere. The ancient history of the area is almost tangible in the air and the stories about the place are easy to believe.


We do not offer ready-made packages, because we know how different our customers’ needs may be. A visit by two people is a little different from a bus load of customers and recreation day from an evening event. Susivuori wants to serve you individually and that’s why we always create the content of your visit according to your needs.

We’re used to organizing various activities and meals that fit the spirit of the place, whether it’s a bit more robust or fine dining meals. We also arrange transport and if necessary, accommodation to nearby areas. What are your wishes?


Parties and events

Susivuori is ready to serve you as an event and party venue. The fantasy minded milieu, the buildings and their interior have been built in an exceptionally memorable way and thus offer a unique environment in Finland. Recreation and team days, anniversaries and evening parties are common, but you can also arrange a totally different experience or game event here. What would you like to experience in Susivuori?

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